A Complete List of Freemasonry Degrees

To attain the 32nd diploma, by way of example, a Freemason should have already been a Learn custom masonic apron for a minimum of 14 years, are elected Grasp of the Lodge, and have satisfactorily served the Supreme Council.

There are a lot more than an believed 160,000 members from the Scottish Ceremony on the earth, with just a few 4,000 holding the 33rd diploma.

Besides the Scottish Ceremony, there are several other orders with more than three degrees, such as the Ny Rite (with 9 degrees) and also the Swedish Ceremony (with ten levels).

The 33 degrees with the Scottish Rite
The initial a few degrees are the same as These for Blue Lodge Freemasonry. The Other individuals might be break up into groups, called the Lodge of Perfection (levels 4-fourteen), the Council of Princes of Jerusalem (levels fifteen and sixteen), the Chapter of Rose Croix (levels 17 and 18), as well as the Consistory (levels 19 to 32).

The Lodge of Perfection
Grasp Traveller
Great Master
Master of your Brazen Serpent
Provost and Choose
Indentant on the Building
Grasp with the Temple
Learn Elect
Sublime Master Elected
Master of Mercy
Learn from the Ninth Arch
Grand Elect Mason

Council of Princes of Jerusalem
The fifteenth and sixteenth levels (Knight of the East and Prince of Jerusalem respectively) are historic degrees, training biblical situations that relate classes about commitment to conviction, duty, and fact.

Chapter of Rose Croix
The 17th degree, Knight of the East and West, teaches about the importance of trying to get real truth within our lifestyle path and stay clear of repeating earlier problems.

Meanwhile, the 18th diploma, Knight in the Rose Croix of H.R.D.M, teaches legislation of universality and tolerance.

Brothers of the Trail
Learn Advertisement Vitam
Patriarch Noachite
Prince of Libanus
Knight of Valor
Brother with the Forest
Grasp of Accomplishment
Pal and Brother Eternal
Knight of Jerusalem
Knight from the Solar
Knight of St Andrew
Grand Inspector
My Brother’s Keeper
Sublime Prince on the Royal Mystery

The 33rd Diploma
The 33rd degree is usually a supreme honour bestowed only on individuals who have shown excellent provider into the Brotherhood, and Expert and personal accomplishments.

Find out more In regards to the Freemasons
Want to know more about the Freemasons? Determine the stories driving the symbolism or study some of history’s most popular Freemasons.

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