What Do Men Wear Under Their Kilt

What Do Men Wear Under Their Kilt

Many people wonder whether the Scotsman actually wears nothing under their kilts. Well, the question is probably as old as the kilt itself. Nevertheless, it hasn’t been answered accurately and that’s why many people are still confused. This thought had actually come from the rumor that the Scots traditionally don’t wear anything under the kilt and rumor is 100% true.

This is due to the fact that the Scottish soldiers used to wear nothing under their kilts or “Belted Plaid”, and the reason behind that was that in the old times there weren’t any real underwear so they didn’t have any choice but to go commando. Nowadays, the traditional garment is often used by the Scots themselves and it is no longer worn every day. For hygienic purposes, it was strongly advised to wear something underneath the kilt instead of continuing to follow the decades old “bottomless” tradition.

The real Scottish performers and participants in the Highland Games also make an exception to the tradition. To keep the audience happy and supportive, they wear underwear under their Utility kilt. Nevertheless, it is completely up to you how you want to wear your kilt.

The traditional kilt is so think and heavy that it requires a particularly strong wind or a storm to blow it up. Otherwise, it stays intact. There’s also a accessory for the kilt known as “Kilt Pin” that ensures the hem stays where it belongs. Wearing something under your kilt or not is up to you and that is why there are no official regulations or recommendations. Many kilt enthusiasts still wear nothing under their kilt.

The members of the “Black Watch” clans are famous for wearing nothing under a kilt. The soldiers of the Black Watch think of it as a military practice. Additionally, there are also many Scotsman that wear underwear or plain short trousers under their kilts.

Occasions To Wear a Utility Kilt

The kilt is worn as an everyday-wear by most Scots or at an special event or when going to tourist locations. It is also regularly worn by the Highland dancers, bands or participants in the traditional Scottish Highland Games. It is also a very popular piece of clothing to wear for weddings, funerals, family celebrations or other festivals. Some good examples of festivals to wear your kilt are: New Year’s Eve, Hogmanay, and Burns Supper, which is a Scottish tradition celebrated all across the world. Wearing a kilt doesn’t have to be limited to a public holiday only. You can wear a kilt privately at any time and revive the Scottish tradition.

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