Understanding The Usage of Chef and Utility Kitchen Knives

Understanding The Usage of Chef and Utility Kitchen Knives

No matter you are doing the job of slicing and dicing, or you have been asked to do the job of carving and paring, you will always need a professional and high-quality set of knives. Here you will know about the basic understanding regarding the usage of chef and utility knives. This guide will help you in making the right choice that what kind of knives should be added in your kitchen area. To further break down this post, you can have a look at the details of different lengths and kinds of knives as well. You can share your experience with us if you have used this Damascus steel knife.

It is always expected from chefs that they should be working with the best available kitchen tools and also with the right blade. Such a knife should be used by them which can offer them a high amount of skill and precision. We know that different knives serve and deliver different purposes. If you cook occasionally, then you will just require a paring knife and too a chef’s knife. On the other hand, if you cook every day, then you will require to keep a collection of a larger and extensive range of Japanese Honshu steel knives. It depends on your field of cooking as well as on your level of cooking that what knife you should hold and carry. Sooner, we will share some basics facts for you on handmade skinning knives.

Chef’s Knives- For what purpose this knife is made for?

  • The chef’s knife is the most versatile knife which has to be present in your kitchen. It has a broad sharp blade and you can call it a multi-purpose knife too. Its length range is from 6-14 inches.
  • This knife is ideal for cutting meat, disjointing some of the cuts, for dicing vegetables. For slicing herbs, chopping nuts, this is a great knife.
  • On the other side, this knife is not an ideal knife if you are using it for cleaving meat bones or carving dense meat. If you want to slice bread and wants to carry any of the precision cutting tasks then this is not an ideal knife for these jobs. Hence, avoid utilizing a chef knife if you are performing the task of peeling and mincing.

Utility Knives- Which cutting tasks are better to perform by this knife?

  • This knife is longer than that of a paring knife. But it is also shorter as compared to a chef’s knife. This subjected knife is a solid all-rounder in your kitchen. You can have its blade in the serrated style or in the straight cut style. You can call them “sandwich knives”. The length range of this knife is about 4-7 inches.
  • Talking about the ideal usage of this knife, this is a great knife to be availed for slicing meat, slicing bagels, slicing buns and cutting sandwiches. Even more, for chopping vegetables, slicing herbs and to perform general kitchen tasks, you can use this knife.
  • Note that this knife is not so an ideal knife for cleaving meat bones and slicing loaves of bread or doing the precision tasks like mincing and peeling.

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